Participate & Test

musicpark offers you various opportunities to become musically active yourself. PlayZones offer instructions from professionals while TestZones offer undisturbed moments with an instrument of your choice and the OpenMicStage makes it possible to perform live in front of an audience.


The PlayZones are perhaps the most popular area at musicpark. Here, beginners can get to know an instrument under professional guidance. The fun of playing is guaranteed! Discover your passion for an instrument here and learn the basic techniques of the respective instrument under professional guidance in the shortest possible time in the PlayZone.


TestZones are acoustically shielded rooms where advanced and professional players can test instruments and accessories in peace and quiet. Such a practical opportunity to play and try out acoustic instruments undisturbed will help you in your purchase decision. The test rooms in the rock/pop section have a selection of pre-installed instruments. In the test booths in the classical area, on the other hand, the exhibitors' instruments can be tried out.


OpenMicStage is a small, open stage for everyone who wants to perform live at the fair. Get active yourself! The OpenMicStage is open to every musician: perform your own songs, stage cover versions, jam together or spontaneously create new interpretations. The stage will be equipped with vocal microphones, digital piano, acoustic guitars, cajon and small monitoring, but it is also possible to use your own instrument.


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