At musicpark you can experience music for every taste - up close and personal and for all the senses!

In addition to the six show floors, you will have the opportunity to get to know a variety of traditional as well as unusual instruments and try them out for yourself in the PlayZones. In workshops and lectures, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the activities on and behind the stage. Offers for professional visitors are also part of musicpark.

With live performances in soundproof SoundBoxes or on various stages, your musicpark experience is complete!

Our show floors

The exhibition area on six show floors: Here, our exhibitors present the diverse world of musical instruments

Guitars & Amps
From the campfire to the big stage - guitars always impress: The area for acoustic and electronic string instruments as well as amps, pedals & accessories.
Drums & Percussion
For all those who count in their own beat: The area for drums, percussion and accessories.
Stage-, Studio- & DJ-Equipment
Without equipment, there would be no image, light or sound: Here you will find products for the home studio and small stages.
Band & Orchestra
The whole spectrum of classical instruments: The range for wind, string, plucked instruments, accordions and other traditional instruments and accessories.
Pianos & Keyboards
Acoustic and electronic instruments for the tactile sense: the range from pianos to grand pianos and organs to keyboards and synthesizers.
Education & Media
Beginners are hungry for knowledge and even professionals never stop learning: Here they will find specialist literature, sheet music, media, tutorials and pedagogical offers for teaching & profession

Experience our event areas:

  • Participate & Test
    musicpark offers you various opportunities to become musically active yourself. PlayZones offer instructions from professionals while TestZones offer undisturbed moments with an instrument of your choice and the OpenMicStage makes it possible to perform live in front of an audience.
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  • Share & Learn
    At musicpark you have the opportunity to experience music directly. Take advantage of the many opportunities to try out instruments yourself and learn from the professionals, and exchange ideas with other music enthusiasts!
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  • Listening & Performances
    No matter what genre - musicpark has the right groove for you! The programme on the 360-degree ShowStage and the performances in the SoundBox offer top-class musical entertainment. On the StoryStage, on the other hand, musicians and industry players share exciting facts about the world of music, while things can also get technical in the Corners.
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