Listening & Performances

No matter what genre - musicpark has the right groove for you! The programme on the 360-degree ShowStage and the performances in the SoundBox offer top-class musical entertainment. On the StoryStage, on the other hand, musicians and industry players share exciting facts about the world of music, while things can also get technical in the Corners.


The ShowStage is the 360-degree stage for all musical genres. Here you can follow exactly how musicians use their instruments and accessories live from every perspective. A varied programme takes place on the ShowStage across all instrument genres and musical styles. The cross-over performances thus break through the boundaries of musical stereotypes and encourage people to make music themselves.


In the SoundBoxes you have the opportunity to experience professional artists, their sounds and their instruments up close in a small space and to learn from them. The performances in the SoundBoxes are almost legendary: with a unique sound and lighting concept and magnificent acoustics, you can experience spectacular performances in a small circle in the middle of the exhibition hall.


The experiences, adventures and insights of musicians and industry players are often as exciting as their music and products themselves. StoryStage gives musical players a stage to tell their exciting stories and share curious information, experiences and insights into interesting topics.


For those who want to deepen their technical knowledge on specific focal points, the Corners offer the opportunity to learn a lot of background information in lectures and presentations. The Corners are meeting areas with small forums in the exhibition halls. They offer a platform for specific exchange and information on industry-relevant topics. Interest groups, associations or specialists use the Corners to communicate their contents. Due to their specialisation, the Corners are a valuable forum for trade visitors and also sensitise the public to exciting topics with lectures and discussion rounds.