The music plays here

The musical instrument industry inspires with its diversity - and you are an important player. musicpark 2022 with its experience-oriented programme and its different areas is therefore exactly your trade fair! From 10 to 12 June 2023, you can present your products and services in the perfect event environment, sustainably inspire the audience and network with other exhibitors as well as trade visitors.

The core idea of musicpark 2022 is: get to know, experience, participate. The closer and more interactive visitors can experience musical instruments, the more attractive the event will be for them - and thus also for you as an exhibitor. We create the best environment for your presentation: with show floors, stages, live performances, opportunities to test the instruments and formats for expert discussions and workshops. This combination of exhibition, experience and interaction has one goal - to do everything to make your presentation a success!

musicpark offers you six thematically structured exhibition areas. These show floors cover the focal points of the industry separately from each other and allow for sensible overlaps at relevant points. Here you can present your products and services in a target group-oriented way and, if desired, sell them directly on site.


  • Guitars & Amps
    From the campfire to the big stage - guitars always impress: The area for acoustic and electronic string instruments as well as amps, pedals & accessories.
  • Drums & Percussion
    For all those who count in their own beat: The area for drums, percussion and accessories.
  • Stage-, Studio- & DJ-Equipment
    Without equipment, there would be no image, light or sound: Here you will find products for the home studio and small stages.
  • Band & Orchestra
    The whole spectrum of classical instruments: The range for wind, string, plucked instruments, accordions and other traditional instruments and accessories.
  • Pianos & Keyboards
    Acoustic and electronic instruments for the tactile sense: the range from pianos to grand pianos and organs to keyboards and synthesizers.
  • Education & Media
    Beginners are hungry for knowledge and even professionals never stop learning: Here they will find specialist literature, sheet music, media, tutorials and pedagogical offers for teaching & profession.

Experience areas

your space. your choice. your instrument.
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try out. play. get with it.
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performances. experiencing. learning.
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for all genres. 360 degrees.
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your stage. your gig. your moment.
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stories. skills. insights.
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interests. topics. information.
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backstage for exhibitors and trade visitors.
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  • 6 good reasons for your participation
  • Attractive music experience fair with a convincing concept
    musicpark is the only cross-genre public fair for musical instruments in Germany. For your target group, the fair therefore focuses on a combination of experience and information - the ideal setting for your success.
  • Highly popular with private & trade visitors
    The experience concept of musicpark proofed to work: Over 80 % of exhibitors and almost 95 % of visitors want to come back after the musicpark premiere!
  • Engaging with of new customer groups
    With its focus on the music experience, musicpark attracts beginners as well as advanced and professional musicians. This is a fantastic prerequisite for you to find new prospective customers for your offers. At musicpark, you can reach the end user directly: no matter whether amateur or professional - the various areas for trying out and testing instruments inspire the entire audience. For musical beginners, musicpark also offers excellent orientation.
  • Direct contact with end customers
    If you want to get to know and convince your end customers and at the same time as wining industry players as new partners, musicpark is the perfect platform for you. musicpark enables you to have a direct exchange with your target audience as well as direct feedback on your offers - and that includes the opportunity to sell directly!
  • Set the scene
    musicpark offers you all the options you need for a convincing trade fair appearance, from a complete package to an individual stand. Your suggestions for the stage and supporting programme are also welcome here and allow you to attract additional attention. Design your appearance entirely according to your individual requirements and needs. Expand your presence, for example, with your own action areas such as a PlayZone or other interactive areas.
  • Maintain & expand business network
    Whether directly at the stand or in the Business Lounge: at musicpark you can strengthen relationships with your business partners and enjoy the many opportunities to expand your network. The industry meets at musicpark by allowing short routes at the fair and in special areas and events. Take advantage of this to exchange business ideas with your business partners.

Facts & Figures

Visitor structure musicpark 2019

musicpark is the music experience fair for a broad audience. The focus is on visitors interested in music, who also come to musicpark with families and friends. For trade visitors it is a new attractive industry meeting place.

  • More than 11.200 Visitors
  • 80% play a musical instrument
  • 50% exclusively visited musicpark

Visitors‘ Top 3 Objectives:

1. Trying out instruments
2. Having a fun day out
3. Seeking advice and consultation