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    Press release from 5/31/18 | musicpark

    New event highlight for Leipzig, the City of Music

    Discover and experience musical instruments at musicpark 2019

    Music lives in Leipzig. Big names like Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy shaped the musical history of the city. Music ensembles like the renowned Gewandhaus Orchestra and the St. Thomas Choir, high-calibre festivals like the Bach Festival, the Jazz Days or those geared towards the young, such as the Highfield festival or the TH!NK? Open Air Concerts attract thousands of music fans from all around the world to Leipzig every year. In November 2019, another public event will be added to the calendar: from the 1 to 3 November, the music experience fair dubbed musicpark is to be held for the first time. The public event is aimed at music enthusiasts, hobby musicians, music students and novices who want to try out, buy or experience instruments live. Manufacturers, workshops, instrument makers and distributors offer a wide range of offers for all music lovers. The new experience fair's highlights include sound cabins and presentations from internationally-known artists.

    musicpark will be held annually in Leipzig starting in 2019. The event is organised by Leipziger Messe in cooperation with Beringer Marketing. Markus Geisenberger, Chief Executive Officer of Leipziger Messe, says: "Leipzig is ready for a music experience fair. Many ears will be awaiting the sounds from musicpark, which is sure to be met with high levels of interest, given that Leipzig holds great appeal for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Alongside famous ensembles such as the Gewandhaus Orchestra, the St. Thomas Choir, well-known music venues and a lively music and club scene, musicpark will enrich Leipzig's long-standing tradition. The new trade show is aimed at a broad audience, from novices to professional musicians and will feature all genres, from rock & pop to classical music.“

    Beringer Marketing is a strategic partner of the experience fair. With their sound knowledge of the musical instrument industry and over 30 years of experience in different areas of the sector, Beringer representatives are well suited to taking care of the musicpark's further development, both in terms of concepts and content.

    Offers for novices and professionals

    The sweatbloodtears boxes guarantee a spectacular musical experience for all visitors, being soundproof and fitted with the original tour equipment belonging to the artists performing. Here, international music stars will perform live sets in a club atmosphere - excitement and pure musical enjoyment from both sides are guaranteed.

    Participation is expressly encouraged at musicpark: Hobby musicians and those interested can try out instruments and offers there and then, ask about details and special features, familiarise themselves with instruments, experience them first-hand and take part in workshops. In addition, adults are just as welcome as children, who can discover a variety of musical instruments and opportunities with their parents through playing them. Moreover, a variety of the musicpark's offers are aimed at professional visitors.

    Besides those interested in music, the event appeals to professional and hobby musicians, bands, DJs and music teachers. The exhibition and show area include the following themes: band & orchestra (string, wind and traditional instruments), guitars & basses, drums & percussions, as well as piano & keyboard. Models for both professionals and beginners will be on display. Live performances and specialist forums will accompany the presentation of instruments. PlayZones invite visitors to try instruments out for themselves.

    In the Stage-, Studio- & DJ-Equipment area, musicians, DJs and producers will find everything they need in terms of professional equipment, including light and sound technology for stages, rehearsal rooms and the home area, brands and products for DJs, studios and recording.

    The Education & Media area is aimed at music schools and teachers, academies of music and music publishing houses. Here, printed and digital music supplies are offered. In addition, music publishing houses, associations and service providers, such as organisers, backliners and logistics providers will present themselves.

    Press Contact

    PR Manager
    Ms Julia Lücke
    Phone: +49 341 678 65 55
    Fax: +49 341 678 16 65 55
    E-Mail: j.luecke@leipziger-messe.de



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