German Wind Philharmonic - The very special cultural orchestra

The Saxon Wind Philharmonic is the only professional present day orchestra in Germany consisting exclusively of wind players and occupies a special position, which was also honored with its inclusion in the federal funding program "Excellent Orchestra Landscape Germany".
The orchestra presents itself in different variations from small flexible groups to the big orchestra. Vivid interpretations and instrumental perfection have guaranteed great public appeal for almost 70 years and show the self-imposed high artistic standards.
The German Brass Academy is the music educational institution of the Saxon Wind Philharmonic, which offers a wide range of further education and qualification opportunities. The new in 2011 opened building, offers optimal teaching conditions that satisfies the music pedagogical offers of the German Brass Academy and the artistic significance of the Saxon Brass Philharmonic.


Frau Gabriele Hegner
Geschäftsführerin Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie c/o Deutsche Bläserakademie