Steingraeber Transducer Grand Piano

Steingraeber Creates New Artistic Possibilities With Electronics

The Ingredients:  A first-class grand piano with outstanding acoustic design and mechanical construction, the authentic sound generation of physical modelling, and a finely tuned transducer developed by the SWR experimental studio. The Result: An instrument that opens up a vast range of creative and professional possibilities.

Using the Hammer Stop Without Piano Strings:
§  Play in all keys using the automatic transposition function
§  Employ different tuning systems
§  Perform on different instruments

Using the Strings Without the Hammer Stop:
§  Play on two levels simultaneously, with both real and virtual pianos emanating from the same soundboard
§  Music creation on 3 levels: Real with virtual piano PLUS playback, e.g. improvising on top of an improvisation you have just recorded
§  Self-playing instrument without inertia caused by mechanical reproduction
§  Educational instrument in class


Steingraeber & Söhne KG Klaviermanufaktur in Bayreuth seit 1852

Steingraeberpassage 1
95444 Bayreuth

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