Glasser Carbon Composite Acoustic Violin
A Produkt of: Eureka Instruments GmbH

Glasser Carbon Composite violins are revolutionary new instruments. Glasser Bows has long been a world leader in developing advanced products with the use of composite materials. Glasser Carbon Composite instruments are the latest development.

Built to last, they look and sound great. Glasser's patent pending design makes for an instrument with a wonderful tonal quality with durability most instruments will never match.

The standard Glasser Carbon Composite violin arrives fully set-up with Prelude strings, Planetary Tuning Pegs, and a carbon composite Glasser tailpiece with 4 fine tuners for the ultimate tunability.

Currently the violins are available in sizes 4/4, 3/4 and 1/2. Other colors on request with longer delivery time.

Quality features

Robust and weather resistant
Perfect for travel & live performance
Clear and full of sound
Easy and fast tuning through Planetary Tuning Pegs


Julia Paulus
Marketing Eureka Instruments GmbH