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    The showfloors of musicpark

    In perfect harmony: Showfloor Band & Orchestra


    For the perfect sound experience, perfect harmony is essential. This can be experienced on the Band & Orchestra showfloor. Here you will find manufacturers, builders, suppliers and industry leaders for string and wind instruments as well as other traditional instruments. A special highlight is the area "Meisterwerke". Under the name "Handcrafted Classical Instruments", master instrument craftsmen present the significance and uniqueness of traditional musical instrument construction in their own area.

    Sound experience with strings : Showfloor Guitars & Amps


    Visitors to the Guitars & Amps showfloor will experience the diversity of strings. Here manufacturers and makers of acoustic and electronic stringed instruments inspire visitors with a unique variety of sounds. Unique handmade instruments are presented in the area "Meisterwerke" with its "Handcrafted Instruments - Guitars & Basses". With an often long history and masterful craftsmanship, true works of musical instrument art are shown.

    Beating Rythms : Showfloor Drums & Percussion


    Passionate drummers will find their community in the Drums & Percussions showfloor. This is where prestigious manufacturers present a variety of percussional instruments. Visitors can experience the fascination of drums & percussion instruments at various events.

    Tickling the Ivories - more than black or white: Showfloor Pianos & Keyboards


    The Pianos & Keyboards showfloor is designed by prominent figures in the field of acoustic and electronic keyboard instruments. Visitors will experience an impressive presentation of the pianos and grand pianos from master instrument makers and get an overview of the development of keyboards and digital pianos as well as master keyboards and synthesizers.

    For the perfect sound experience : Showfloor Stage-, Studio- & DJ-Equipment


    On the Stage-, Studio- & DJ-Equipment showfloor live and studio musicians, DJs and music producers will find everything they need to equip themselves. Industry experts will present lighting and sound technology for stages, rehearsal rooms and the home as well as brands and products for professional DJs, studios and the recording industry. Music students, musicians and interested parties can get to know the wide range of musical instrument accessories on this show floor.

    The clef: Showfloor Education & Media


    The key for everyone who loves music: The Education & Media showfloor covers the wide range of printed and digitised music. Publishers have the unique opportunity to present their products to a diverse audience interested in music. Visitors can interact with music schools and teachers, conservatories and music publishers. Music associations and clubs provide information about their current projects.

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