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    What would a music experience fair be without concerts? Feel free to listen and linger on several stages at musicpark.

    Acoustic Lounge / StoryStage


    Acoustic Lounge / StoryStage

    Thrilling stories and great entertainment. Get valuable information, experience and insights into fascinating topics.

    • StoryStage (Hall 4, F140/H140. Focus: Education & Media, Piano, Band & Orchestra)
    • Acoustic Lounge with StoryStage (Hall 2, D145/F145. Focus: Education & Media, Artists, Marketing, Information for Musicians)



    Enjoy live sets from both newcomers and legends.

    StageZero Ground (Hall 2)

    StageZero Band (Hall 2)

    Open Mic Stage (Hall 2)


    The open mic stage was open to every musician. Visitors could present their own songs, stage cover versions, jam together and, of course, spontaneously create new interpretations. The stage was equipped with vocal microphones, digital piano, acoustic guitars, cajon and small monitoring.

    "Young Talents & Classics” Stage (CCL, Room 1)

    Young music school talent, school bands and ensembles along with experienced musicians. Enjoy music by all generations, for all generations, on the Young Talents and Classics Stage.

    Classical Stage (Hall 4)

    Experience classical music by soloists, ensembles and orchestras and be surprised by fusions with other styles

    A complete overview can be found here: Programme overview

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