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    In the Exhibitor's Words

    Exhibitor Testimonials

    Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH
    Anja Metz, Head of Corporate Communication
    Andreas Zöllner, Product Specialist


    Music is emotion. That's exactly what we hope to evoke at musicpark: a lively fair that offers music, and everything that goes with it, in a way that we can hear, see and touch. We look forward to talking to consumers directly, either in one-to-one conversations, during our product demonstrations or at workshops on the StoryStage. Our products fit this fair perfectly, because we have practical solutions for the consumer's problems. As a manufacturer of event technology and instruments, we are also delighted to be able to reach all our customers in one hall, and not needing several stands in different halls. Along with all the other exhibitors, we want to offer visitors a trade fair where they can really immerse themselves in everything associated with music and this great industry.

    STUDIO 49 Musikinstrumentenbau GmbH
    Isabelle Keck, Head of Sales and Marketing Manager


    STUDIO 49's main reason for taking part in the musicpark trade fair was to offer our dealers support in marketing to the end-user. With our B2C approach, we hope that the sales support, which is so often demanded by retailers, will go hand-in-hand with brand awareness reactivation.

    STUDIO 49 has a long tradition of instrument manufacturing, with an interesting story that can be demonstrated to the end customer at this kind of trade fair.

    STUDIO 49 adheres to the philosophy of not only selling Orff Schulwerk instruments, but also conveying content that enables them to be used wisely. As we have entered a cooperation with a multimedia learning platform aimed at individuals working in the education sector, we are hoping to meet this target audience in Leipzig. We are confident our on-stage slots demonstrating the practical use of the digital platform will attract a lot of interest.

    The orchestral musicians who have announced their attendance are extremely interesting for our concert instrument section, on the other hand.

    Last but not least, the Leipzig Trade Fair, with its long-standing traditions, promises to be a magnet which, with a catchment area of approx. 200 km, can also reach visitors from Eastern European countries, where we want to increase the STUDIO 49 brand presence even further.

    session GmbH & Co.KG
    Stefan Hess, Operations Manager


    We were immediately convinced by Leipzig's concept of a music experience fair. As a city of music, Leipzig is an interesting location for us. Unsurprisingly, we like the clear presentation of musicpark as a public fair and its strong focus on brands. session has been following this approach for years. At our Frankfurt and Walldorf branches, we base our product presentations on the brand approach and create worlds for our customers to experience. The musicpark is an opportunity for us to present ourselves holistically within this brand diversity, and offers the opportunity to sell directly to musicians. It makes perfect sense for us as dealers. We see the potential to win and retain new customers by offering a wide range of products and services directly to visitors.

    Miyazawa Flutes Europe GmbH
    Christian Bach, Managing Director


    Over the past few years, musicpark has drawn many topics and experiences and developed them into a new, extremely exciting concept. The setup with the show floors and show stalls in the middle is a very customer-oriented concept. We really hope that a lot of brand-name manufacturers will be there to present their products to the public. It will certainly be the land of milk and honey for consumers interested in music. There will be something for everyone to see and test, with products and performances by prominent musicians and artists.

    Just Music GmbH
    Lilli Stock, General Manager


    Just Music embraces any activity that promotes making music, and encourages creative minds to make music. In an inspiring conversation, the musicpark team convinced me with their trade fair concept. Just Music will be well represented as an Omni-Channel provider in Leipzig, the city of music, and will hopefully be able to offer a large number of guests the opportunity to speak to us about musical instruments, pro audio and education programmes. We are looking forward to 2019 and the musicpark!

    Silke Keller-Thoß, Owner


    With Siketho, I have taken over a tradition-rich company in the Vogtland music scene. Preserving and continuing the more than 100-year-old craft of making musical strings and technical gut strings is very dear to my heart.

    The demand for high-quality, handmade music strings and technical gut strings is enormous. That is why we ship worldwide and have many well-known musicians as customers.

    Our participation in the new music experience fair musicpark gives us the opportunity to further promote our trade, to attract new potential customers and impress them with our product, both with regards to apprenticeships and the use of our products. By participating, we hope to present the traditional craftsmanship of Vogtland's musical instruments. We are pleased that musicpark as an event takes into account the needs of smaller artisan companies such as ours, which is why we decided to participate. We are looking forward to the event!

    C.A. Götz jr. GmbH
    Dr. Simon Goetz, Managing Director


    For those of us in the string instrument business, professional events involving brand presentation and product explanation are more important than ever. Conceptually, musicpark is a very persuasive idea for a new trade fair event. We are confident that this new format will find itself to be well-established in the long term. And we are very much looking forward to it!

    VIENNA WORLD - Brigitte Peschel GmbH
    Thomas Peschel-Credner, Managing Partner


    We specialise in products for museum shops with a focus on music. In addition to our large proprietary selection, we manufacture special products for opera houses, festivals, musical memorials, instrument makers, music shops and museums. We export worldwide and also offer full shop concepts and webshop solutions. We are pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit in the music city of Leipzig. This is a great opportunity for us to strengthen our contacts with both dealers and consumers. We will incorporate any insights gained at this trade fair into our product development in the future. The musicpark in Leipzig will certainly be a win-win for the music industry, and we wish it every success.

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