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    Welcome to musicpark!

    Welcome to musicpark!

    musicpark is the venue in Leipzig for all music enthusiasts. Musical instruments worlds come together with a great event programme. Musicpark is aimed at a broad audience through the experience of music: music lovers and musicians from beginners to professionals as well as trade visitors and merchants from all over Europe can discover a variety of instruments as well as experience these themselves in various plug and play areas. The fair offers a forum for exchange as well as interaction for both families and industry experts. With a musical range from classical to rock, pop and electronic music, everybody can find his own rhythm at the musicpark!

    What is the musicpark experience?

    In a playful way, visitors stroll through the various musical instrument worlds and discover their personal oasis of sound. They can look, listen, try out, learn, consult with experts or exchange with like-minded. In addition to the six Showfloors, the innovative exhibition concept includes unique "sweatbloodtears"sound booths with live performances of renowned musicians in club atmosphere, various stages, meeting points and PlayZones for first steps with the instruments and joining in. Training and further education areas and offers for professionals are part of musicpark, as well.

    All areas have one goal: To make the experience of music tangible for all visitors and to capture their fascination with music. Welcome!





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