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    The Parlotones

    at the Werk 2 Leipzig

    11/1/19 | 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM time

    Agenda Type
    Concert, Evening events
    Leipzig City (evening program)
    Bass , Drums, Electric Guitars, Singing
    Target audience
    Beginners, Professionals , Advanced
    24.10 € (Pre-Sale)

    Simply put, The Parlotones are South Africa's most successful rock band, with over 600,000 records sold worldwide. There was double platinum, platinum and gold for their releases. The Parlotones have performed live in front of more than 2 million fans since the beginning of their career. Add to this the one trillion people they saw at the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup and you get an idea of the band's charisma.

    When The Parlotones got together in Johannesburg in 1998, they had no idea they were going to write one of the biggest Rock´n roll stories South Africa had ever seen. Their continuous hard work and drive to create something new. Her dedication to music and her down-to-earth, loving and friendly relationship with her team and fans is an integral part of her career, which has lasted for more than 20 years.

    The Parlotones are Kahn Morbee, Neil Pauw and the brothers Glen and Paul Hodgson. Since their inception, they have released six studio albums and two live albums. There have also been the self-published works Antiques & Artefacts, Trinkets, Relics & Heirlooms and Orchestrated, which the band showed for the first time in collaboration with an orchestra. There were several sold-out live concerts with this line-up.

    Since 2007 the band has been touring internationally in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, North America, South America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Russia. The Parlotones played tours & shows together with Coldplay, Starsailor, Stereophonics, Ash, The Wombats, Snow Patrol and Blue October.

    In 2018 they released the new album China to celebrate their 20 years of band history.

    The Parlotones:

    Kahn Morbee - Vocals, Guitar

    Neil Pauw - Drums

    Glen Hodgson - Guitar

    Paul Hodgson - Bass Guitar, Keys, Vocals

    Hall D, Admission: 19:30, Start: 20:30, Pre-Sales: 24,10 €

    Tickets: https://werk-2-leipzig-tickets.reservix.de/events

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