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    THE 69 EYES

    at the Hellraiser Leipzig

    from 11/2/19 | from 8:00 PM time

    Agenda Type
    Concert, Evening events
    Leipzig City (evening program)
    26.00 € (Pre-Sale)

    For their 30th anniversary the Helsinki Vampires are coming to Europe this autumn and announce 18 dates in 10 countries!

    Founded in 1989 in Finland, the dark rockers of THE 69 EYES have shaped the genre of Goth'n'Roll like no other band. With a series of platinum topseller albums in their repertoire, such as "Blessed Be" and "Paris Kills", which were released around the turn of the millennium, the quintet not only conquered number 1 in the single and album charts of their home country Finland, but also plunged the whole world into their sinful cosmos of love, death and endless melancholy, surviving most of the other bands that emerged in the Goth hype of the 200s. With the evolution of their sound towards Sleaze Rock on "Devils" (2004) and "Angels" (2007), the majestic dark voice and the Elvis allusions in the dance moves of singer Jyrki 69, the band has built up a huge fan base worldwide and has continued to consolidate through unremitting touring in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

    This year the band celebrates their thirtieth anniversary, but don't even think about slowing down, but announce their new studio work "West End", which will be released on Friday, September 13th via Nuclear Blast. This 12th longplayer comes along with some top-class guest singers like Cradle Of Filths Dani Filth, Wednesday 13 and Beastö Blancös Calico Cooper, and consists of eleven up-tempo rock anthems, full of harshness, dark Memento Mori moments and black humour, with which the band dances in the ruins of our world:

    "The title "West End" evokes a gloomy picture - when something dies, something new takes its place and we all have to change and adapt to survive," explains singer Jyrki 69. "I feel this planet has reached a turning point. The end of the western world is near and the question is: What will happen when the west comes to an end? The title "West End" has different meanings for us... but don't worry, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Pet Shop Boys or London."

    More information and tickets: https://hellraiser-leipzig.de/the-69-eyes-west-end-tour-2019/#more-15834

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