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    House of Guitar - The innovative guitar school for concert, steel string and electric guitar.

    Successful author Gerhard Koch-Darkow (Moro & Lilli) presents his new concept for contemporary guitar lessons!

    11/1/19 | 5:15 PM – 5:45 PM time

    Agenda Type
    Talk, Demonstration
    StoryStage - Classic (Hall 4)
    Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars
    Target audience
    Beginners, , Advanced

    Ulli Bögershausen


    Referent: Gerhard Koch-Darkow


    Young guitar students are different and want something different than just a few years ago! The concert guitar is often still the beginner's instrument, but due to their listening experience, authentic, but playable pop and rock music must be on the beginners' programme in addition to classical music. And for that the steel string and the electric guitar are needed as well.

    The guitar pedagogue, guitarist and successful author Gerhard Koch Darkow has developed his new concept from his decades of teaching experience, which does justice to the changed expectations and abilities of young beginners and lays solid musical and technical foundations, no matter which guitar the students ultimately choose. In the "House of Guitar" every player finds his space to develop, his instrument and his creative corner with beatbox, riff forge and jambox.

    The guitar school is published by :


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