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    Granfeel - give your piano grand pianos!

    Alfred-Jahn GmbH presents a noveltie for pianos.

    11/1/19 | 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM time

    Agenda Type
    College & Academy - Classic (Hall 4)
    Keyboards , Pianos/GrandPianos
    Target audience
    Professionals , Companies / Business Partners

    Every piano player knows him, the difference in playing feeling between a piano and a grand piano. The latter can, due to the horizontal arrangement of its mechanism, transport the key commands much more precisely from the key to the mechanism and the hammer to the string than with a piano. Due to the vertical construction it is much more difficult to achieve a sensitive playing feeling and result by lever and gravity. And this is where Granfeel comes in. The feeling like with the "big one" (Gran Piano stands for the "grand piano"). The mechanism of the piano is adjusted in a filigree way so that you have the feeling of playing a grand piano. Pianists all over the world rave about this system, with which suddenly "the fine tonal shades of a Debussy prelude can also be presented on the piano". And we will show you exactly how this works in our workshop!

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