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    Kuduro Tour 2019

    from 11/2/19 | from 8:30 PM time

    Agenda Type
    Concert, Evening events
    Leipzig City (evening program)
    Target audience
    Beginners, Professionals , Advanced
    17.20€ (Pre-Sale)

    Tickets are now available at www.landstreicher-konzerte.de/Tickets-Dazzle-L as well as at all known pre-sale locations.


    "Kuduro Tour 2019.


    Noch Besser Leben, Leipzig

    Admission: 19:30 | Start: 20:00

    Pre-Sale: 15 € plus fees

    At the end of the 80s in Luanda, Angola: drum computers shine, heads bob, loudspeaker membranes are put to the test. The sound they blow into the air combines African dance rhythms with Western electric music. Some crazy person comes up with the idea of supplementing the whole thing with speech singing. A new style of music has emerged - Kuduro.

    A leap in time. 2019 in Berlin-Kreuzberg: A space capsule lands on a backyard. Directly in front of the window of a cellar studio. A human-like being climbs out of it. It bears the name Dazzle. And speaks extraordinarily fast. With a tongue like a hummingbird wing and the lung volume of a blue whale. Kuduro rhythms sound from the boxes of the spaceship.

    The spaceship now lands in Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Leipzig when Dazzle travels across the country on a Kuduro tour in autumn 2019.


    Instagram: @dazzleberlin

    Twitter: @dazzleberlin

    Internet: dazzleberlin.de

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